また、日本を代表するギタリスト兼作曲家の佐藤弘和氏から曲を献呈されそれを初演する、など新しいレパートリーにも力を注いでいる。世界最高峰と言われるデュオ・メリスやDuo Maccari&Pugliese、藤井眞吾、大萩康司各氏のマスタークラスをデュオとして受講。

Born in 1985, Eisei Tanigawa and Takashi Endo both studying classical guitar and music theory with Japanese guitarist Tomonori Arai.Being impressed by Brazilian music, especially the work by composer Egbert Gismonti,

They started their guitar duo activity and to provide their performance mainly focusing on Brazilian music.They are providing their performance in all over the country of Japan, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagasaki, Kanagawa.

In 2015, They gave the performance in Pattaya guitar festival with Tomonori Arai in Thailand and admired by the audience.

Also They are eager to give the first public performance.
In June 2015, They have been dedicated and premiered “Journey to the far Valley” composed by Hirokazu Sato
who is the one of the most talented Japanese guitarist composer.

In October 2015, They released their first CD, “Double Roots” featuring both Brazilian and Japanese repertoire.
This makes Gendai Guitar magazine reviewer write “One of the most talented and sophisticated Young guitar Duo”.

As a solo player, They got a lot of prizes in several domestic and international guitar competitions in Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Manila.
As a Duo team, They took a lot of Master classes such as Duo Melis, Maccari-Pugliese , one of the best guitar duo teams in the world
and also take private lessons with great Japanese guitar player Shingo Fujii and Yasuji Ohagi.